I appeal to you again to constantly bear in mind that with you, and not with politicians, not with Presidents, not with office-seekers, but with you, is the question, "Shall the Union and shall the liberties of this country be preserved to the latest generation?" Abraham Lincoln

Friday, December 30, 2011

Who and Why?

Ron Paul - Could never win, and very dangerous ideas!
Rick Santorum - One issue candidate - Roe v Wade - Important, but wont win elections
Herman Cain - Too faithful :)
Michelle Bachman - Like as a VP - but couldnt Win as President - Not Yet
Newt Gingrich - Smartest by far, but look where Harvards gotten us. Already had his shot in 94
Jon Huntsman - Great Mandirin skills, and Motocross rider, but further left than John McCain
Mitt Romney - A little flip floppy, but best shot at fixing the economy.

My Choice: Romney/Bachman: Economy gets fixed, A true Conservative VP to keep him in check.

Wish list: Arubio,Ryan - Ryan,Arubio - Ryan,Bachman or Arubio,Bachman

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Occupy this thought!

Occupy Wall Street? What is it - who are they? I'll tell you who I think they are. They are the spoiled generation of "What have you done for me lately" That spawned out of the spoiled generation that was given everything by the "Greatest Generation". There is only one mistake that the Greatest Generation made - and that was thinking, that giving everything to their children that they didn't have - would do anything for them (their children). Baby Boomers - the first generation that didn't have to worry about where their next meal was coming from - had too much free time on their hands - and came up with Boomers mantra of Free Love - Make Babies not Bombs, and a host of other real impressive ideas that could have only come out of real ideologues like Timothy Leary. O.K. it's not a blanket indictment on the whole Generation, but pretty darn close. Simple terms - Spoiled Boomers - gave birth to the second generation of Americans who don't have a clue what made this country great. I've got an idea - lets set up tents on the streets of America and point the finger at the companies that supply millions of jobs for the rest of us - who actually do work for a living - and say, the rich don't pay their fair share! I think it's quite comical that these second generation hippies despise the very system that they love so much. I guarantee you many in their tent villages - snuggled up in their North Face jackets and Marmot sleeping bags - checking their face book status on their iPhones - don't even understand how the hypocrisy that surrounds them. I'm sorry your Mommy and Daddy told you your whole life that you deserve the very best that education can buy - i.e. go take out a student loan you have no intention of paying back, and major in degree that sounds good, but has no future - and then cry boo hoo, when the payments come due. It's unbelievable how stupid some Americans have become. Fast forward to today. Big Banker makes too much - me so dumb - don't know how to make money - you pay my student loan - because Mommy and Daddy said I was SPECIAL !!!! All of you protesting the Greatest Nation on Earth - hunker down, and lets see how tough you really are when the first big Nor Easter comes to town. Stupid Liberals! ta ta for now. P.S. I know - no one reads this crap - but o'well - it feels good to just let it rip!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Not "Good Men" but rather "Great Men"

Here we are 18 months into the Obama administration. How did we get into this mess? How did we allow such a radical Liberal to deliver on his promise of "Transforming America". I really think alot people were simply naive, and thought he meant change Washington politics. Nope - what he meant was literally transforming America. Now that the Government owns GM, and a good portion of the banking industry - we've seen what Obama's America looks like - and it AIN'T pretty! The real problem isn't President Obama. We know what he stands for, and it looks alot like what FDR and Woodrow Wilson stood for, and oh yea- don't forget our most current Progressive Liberal disaster Jimmy Carter. The real dilemma - is what do we do with all the limp wristed Republicans that allowed this to come to pass. Sure, some of them are good men, but what we need are great men. We need men that will stand for something, and not allow Liberal Progressives to continue to creep into our great nation. For example - here in Utah - we had Senator Bob Bennett ( Good Man ). He just had to go, because he had become part of the establishment problem in Washington. Now we have another (Good Man) in Orrin Hatch - we need to deal with. Recently, he's become very hawkish on conservatism. Problem is, he voted for TARP, and he's voted with the late Ted Kennedy on issues that have just made our government bigger not leaner and better. This November, I really hope we all consider as we our casting our ballets - Is the Man or Women we are about to vote for a (Good Man) or a (Great Man). This November I'm done with the most recent "Hope and Change" I'm ( Hoping and Praying ), that we can find ( Great Men ) who will rise and defend the hope of America.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Beginning of an Error

We'll, it looks as if its going to happen. Health care reform. We all agree that being able to keep your coverage if you get sick is a no brainer, and pre existing conditions shouldn't keep us from getting insurance. Funny thing is - is that these are all points of view that are shared by Democrat and Republican alike. So why don't we just fix the things that we don't like about Health Care, and keep all that we do like? It's like with all government run programs - they fail, and they fail miserably. Take Medicare. Riddled with fraud, and many, many Doctors wont take Medicare patients, because they cant make a living doing it. I don't blame the Doctors, I blame the government. How about our brilliantly run USPS. Losing billions this year alone, and now thinking of shutting down Saturday delivery to boot. Hello, has anyone ever heard of FedX - making millions, and providing excellent service. Lets look at another 1935 error. Social Security, that is in the trillions of unfunded dollars. The brain child of FDR. Actually NOT a great President, but one of our worst. The real problem with entitlement programs, is the fact that only a small majority of the general public end up paying for all of these handouts. That's right only about half of all Americans actually pay Federal Tax. 53% of all Americans pay for the other 47% of all Americans who probably don't have a clue that they DON'T pay any Federal Tax. Everyone should have to pay into the system. Progressive tax - Another brilliant Liberal idea. How about we all pay something, and we keep the government focused on keeping us safe, and getting out of our way otherwise. I'm no longer a Republican, I am a conservative - Fiscally and Socially - and if you don't know what that means - you probably don't pay your fair share anyways! I apologize for the rant, but if we all don't wake up soon - we'll all have everything we ever wanted and nobody left to pay for all the freebies.